Top Features
High Performance
Shineblocks is truly one of the fastest real blockchains. It has environmental friendly consensus mechanism Multi Hybrid PoS combining LPoS mining and PoA validators layer.

Shineblocks gives us optimally balanced High Performance fully decentralized DApps competent Blockchain infrastructure with limited high speed validators.

SHINE is currently capable of transaction speeds up to 4800 TPS, blocks processed approximately every 30 seconds.
Unique Ecological Mining Algorithms
Shineblocks new Multi Hybrid PoS mining algorithm (MHPoS) is based on advanced PoS 3.0 and LPoS combined with PoA transactions validation layer.

Leased Proof of Stake (LPoS) with Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus algorithm accelerates transactions mining and improves scalability for potential larger network use cases.

Our LPoS has Waves-type Leasing consensus engine to let SHINE holders to participate staking while funds are safely locked in offline storage.

All these PoS/PoA algorithms are superior in energy efficient mining comparing to hungry Bitcoin-type PoW mining.
Masternodes and Validators
Master-node is a full node that supports the operation of the network by performing computing operations and storing network data providing current blockchain and network information constantly 24/7.

Special LPoS validators are dedicating processing power directly to process transactions, so it speeds up and secures consensus for new blocks.

This extraordinary combination creates fully decentralized infrastructure with limited number of high speed validators.
zSHINE Privacy Technology
SHINE coin supports common anonymous public transactions. However, often people have higher privacy requirement for their transaction data.

Shineblocks offers optional custom ZK-Snarks based Zerocoin-type protocol when people need to use full shielded transactions.

This technology allows direct anonymous payments and other data transactions between parties.

Using shielded zSHINE coins people can transact efficiently and safely with low fees while ensuring that digital transactions remain fully private.

Selectively you can share your address and transaction information for auditing or regulatory compliance.
ERC-20 Compliant Smart Contracts
Shineblocks is compatible with the mainstream blockchain ecosystem, which has created a good technical foundation for the migration and integration of existing DeFi applications.

SHINE uses the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to make sure that Ethereum smart contracts run on Shineblocks and vice versa.

Shineblocks platform simply gives seamless integration to real-world business processes without additional development and migration costs.

To encourage more developers to transplant and develop DeFi applications on Shineblocks blockchain, the Shineblocks will offer a 20,000,000 SHINE DeFi Incentive Program.
Near Zero Transaction Fees
The fees to transact Shineblock Platform Coins, Tokens or Assets are very low, making them suitable for a high transaction use cases.

Almost everyone around cryptos have been feeling terrified about Ethereum network performance and especially insane gas fees needed for transactions. Whereas minimum transaction fees in Sunrise network will make it very suitable for building DeFi projects.

The fee for public transactions on the network is only 0.00000010
SHINE (10 sat SHN).
People-friendly Usability
Many cryptocurrencies are way complicated, but Shineblocks aims to make paying and transacting with crypto a natural way. People use mobile phones. Shineblocks will develop wallets and apps optimized especially for mobile usage.

Shineblocks full node core wallet implementation also pays special attention to usability issues. We have selected to use newest PIVX-type UI in our core wallet as we believe it offers far more modern experience.

Most of us have used BTC and have been so frustrated while waiting for payment. No more with Shineblocks. SHINE has SwiftTX instant transactions technology where transactions are even confirmed within seconds.
Team and Transparency
Crypto space has been like wild west with anonymous teams, fake and dying playground projects. Shineblocks wants to give full confidence to community, investors and any other stakeholders.

All development prerequisites like websites, domain names and social media accounts are hold by Shiner Ltd, which is a legal EU-based entity. As legal entity Shiner Ltd can also sign juridical partnership agreements. We see Shiner Ltd's role as to offer a launch pad with awesome future to the crypto community.

Shineblocks has real people with real identity in team in leading roles. However, there are a lot of the contributors who like to keep their identities hidden. Because of this fact we have, we accept and welcome anonymous contributors also.

The Shining Community
The heart of Shineblocks is and will always be our community. We will support community members to help in expanding Shine platform usage globally on individual ,small business and corporate level.

We need dedicated community members to help in community growing, developing and innovating new features and use cases. Community will be a major influencer in finding high profile partnerships.

Shineblocks novelty concept should have high potentioal to gain really large blockchain footprint. Just contact Shiner or our social media administrators and be in with next generation shining blocks.

See the Shine - Share your Shine!

Sustainable Economic Model
Many PoS cryptocurrencies with masternodes have far too high rewards. This leads into uncontrollable hyperinflation.

Shineblock uses sustainable economic model with low inflation taking advantage of calculated reward breakdown for 100 years in supply calculation.
Open Source Code in GitHub
Community reserves code base transparency for total trust. All our released core applications and wallets are Open Source.

There are no hidden features, developer or founder fees. Anyone can audit source code before claiming coins or any other case.

We also welcome every skillful developer to contribute in our GitHub.
Platform Custom Tokens
Corporate and small business owners can easily create SPT-20 Shineblocks Platform Tokens with our issuance service wallet application for their business use cases.

Let your business ideas fly, Shineblocks helps your visions to become reality. Certificates and case proofs, Loyalty points and rewards, Game assets, Tokenizing physical assets, Utility tokens …

Extensive multichain airdrop distribution
Worlds first multi assets fork

Blockchain is creating new power belonging to the people. We believe in versatile hybrid solutions to help people to use theirs power optimally. We want to promote this by offering one of most ultimate solution platform to crypto community as fare and extensive airdrop.


Over 80% of supply is airdropped directly to existing top coin addresses, which people can import directly into core wallet as SHINE-currency. Shiner Ltd as founder will only hold the minimum share of initial supply to run network's first validators.


Airdrops are calculated on base of UTXO coin values but there will be exciting Fortuna airdrops also. Blockchain snapshots for airdrop will include many UTXO based coins like:

  • Top Bitcoin family as BTC, BCH, BSV



  • XVG, ZEN and few other black horses


We don't like tight scheduled coin swaps, coins burns or any other ways where people who don't follow crypto news very actively would lose theirs investments. ShineCoin has all airdropped coins permanently injected into the genesis block. Come and claim whenever you have convenient time.

Claim Your SHINE with Shineblocks Core Wallet
Find Out How Lucky You Have Been
In addition to normal UTXO value based airdrops we have created exciting extra Fortuna Airdrops in three different size categories, Small (100 SHINE), Large (10,000 SHINE) and Extra Large (100,000 SHINE). By default, every 10th of UTXO gets Fortuna S, every 200th gets Fortuna L and every 2000th gets Fortuna XL. And remember that one coin address can have hundreds or thousands of UTXO balances valid for airdrop. You have great opportunities to get extra rewards, all you need to do is to install Shineblocks Core Wallet and claim your coins.
Little micropayments are pruned off from snapshots to reduce initial blockchain size. Every UTXO which balance would generate at least 1 SHINE or more are valid for airdrops. For Fortuna Airdrop every UTXO generating at least 10 SHINE are included in lottery.
SUNRISE Network and SHINE Metrics

The core power of Shineblocks full featured platform is network. We call is the Sunrise network. The digital currency used in Sunrise network is SHINE coin.

Sunrise network is revolutionary combination of robust UTXO-model and high performance validator network. UTXOs are superior to account models in many ways and provide improved security, privacy, and scalability, all of which are critical for DeFi. Shineblocks is partly inspired by IOHK. They have been working to further develop and define UTXO standards for high performance Cardano ADA blockchain. However, Shineblocks technology has more features including dezentralized governance model, and it has full nodes which are more easily available to normal people without need for expensive datacenter servers. This means better dezentralized blockchain network for people.

Here you can find the most important technical specifications and network and coin metrics. More detailed information are covered in Whitepaper and in its annexes.
Sunrise network has unique combination of top blockchain technologies
Block time 30 sec
Block size 32 MB
TPS 4700 scaleable
Instant transactions SwiftX
DAO mechanism
SPORKs mechanism
Smart Contracts EVM
Hashing Algorithm SHA-256
Mining MHPoS
Multi Hybrid PoS/LPoS/PoA
Block reward 120 SHINE
Breakdown to 20 in 100 years
Reward maturity 12 confirms
Masternode 60,000 SHINE
Validator 600,000 SHINE
SHINE Coin Metrics
Native SHINE coin specifications
Coin name SHINE
Coin ticker SHN
Initial Supply 1,100,000,000
Max supply infinite
Deflationary rewarding model
Privacy Technology
Custom Zerocoin Protocol
Interoperability SHINEX token specifications
Token name SHINEX
Token ticker SHNX
Supply 1:1 to SHINE
Network Ethereum mainnet
Token type ERC-20
Tradable Liquidity Token Asset
Token Contract Address
Shineblocks is creating new self-sustainable economies for people and any type of organizations.

Shineblocks tokenomics model describes the supply and demand characteristics of SHINE cryptocurrency and it's interoperability token SHINEX.

SHINE coin is very efficient payment method and transaction engine of choice enabling frictionless transactions. For the first time, individuals and companies can be their own payment processors without the cumbersome or costly aspects of traditional financial settlement options. SHINE coin and Sunrise networks SPT-20 tokens offer a much lower barrier for processing end-to-end transactions inside a given market.

SHINE coin is ready for massive real life usage. Transaction fees are nominal, minimum fee makes Sunrise network most suitable platform for developing high transaction volume IoT and DeFi solutions.

Extensive airdrop SHINE coin distribution ensures huge potential user base. We don't want to build for superior technology or significant founder benefits. We want to give cutting-edge technology for people to use it. Shineblocks - For Everyone, Everywhere.
Circulation Supply

The circulating supply refers to the coins that are accessible to the public on Sunrise network. However, circulation supply is only theoretical. Sunrise networks initial circulation is mostly based on other top coins airdrop. But for example tens of billions worth of Bitcoin have been locked by people who forgot their key. We estimate that 20-30% of airdropped supply is not really accessible. Anyway, initial airdrop will remain in genesis blocks forever as claimable balance.

There is no max supply, so network can run forever with predefined deflationary rewarding model. Sunrise network rewards community for maintaining infrastructure and keeping blockchain moving on. SHINE cryptocurrency is rewarded to miners when they successfully validate a new block. The block reward is made of two components: the block subsidy and the transactions fees. The block subsidy consists of newly generated coins and represents the biggest part of a block reward. The other part is made up of all fees paid by the transactions that are included in the block. Sunrise network has minimum transaction fees so block reward is almost entirely made of the block subsidy.
Inflation Control by Block Reward Breakdown
What Problems Does Shineblocks Solve?

There are traditional top blockchains with long history and large user base. They are using power hungry PoW mining technology and slow PoS mining algorithms. Many of them would fit well to fully decentralized network if we ignore performance issues they have. On the other hand there are many newer blockchain technologies reaching high performance rates. These solutions are taking advantage of special validators which are maintained in powerful datacenter servers. This is very fine in terms of performance, but it restricts blockchain nodes and decentralization to a quite limited number of people.

Sunrise network combines both technologies uniquely.  It has advanced PoS mining and Dash-based masternodes. Everyone can  participate without enterprise server requirements and run full nodes. This extends decentralization to levels as it was originally planned by Satoshi. Secondly, Sunrise network has a separate validator layer to obtain modern high performance requirements.

People have the right to demand human rights. They have the right to protect their property and contracts. They need to have waterproof privacy features in blockchain transaction selection. Sunrise network has customized Zerocash Protocol based on ZK-Snarks. This privacy shielding protocol preserves you privacy fully anonymous.

Shineblocks blockchain smart contracts allow for the creation of trustless protocols. As programmable code, smart contracts are highly customizable and can be designed in different ways, offering many kinds of services and solutions. As decentralized and self-executing programs, smart contracts may provide increased transparency and reduced operational costs. Sunrise network has built-in Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which is industry leading smart contract technology in blockchains.

Shineblocks has created real decentralized blockchain, so it is natural to offer smooth access to existing Decentralized Finance (DeFi) solutions also. For this purpose Shineblocks introduces SHINEX
interoperability ERC-20 standard token, which will be swappable with native SHINE coin.

Shineblocks combines all essential blockchain features in one unique platform and offers it as fare airdrop to massive existing user base taking into account also accessibility of current and future DeFi solutions.
Shineblocks Platform
SHINEX ERC-20 Tokens

We understand that DeFi is becoming extremely popular way to bring additional features to the market. To achieve optimal market coverage we desided to release SHINEX token as side chain to our native Sunrise blockchain. There are major known weaknesses in Ethereum Network like insane gas fees on transactions and capacity. Nonetheless ERC-20 is best for SHINEX intended use cases. It gives us entrance to huge amount DeFi applications like Liquidity pooling and it can serve as convenient payment method where only ERC-20 tokens are accepted. For some potential parters it often might be more practical to integrate with ERC-20 tokens.

SHINEX is “wrapped” version of SHINE. Every SHINEX token is interchangeable with Sunrise networks native SHINE coin. 10% of initial SHINE supply will be sold on selected IDO, Initial Dex Offering, as SHINEX tokens.

Most of the funds collected via the IDO community sale will be used to add liquidity to the initial DEX listing on Uniswap shortly after the token sale concludes. These funds will be used for also for other development, marketing and listing purposes.

DeFi Incentive Program

To encourage more developers to transplant and develop DeFi applications on Shineblocks Sunrise blockchain, the Shineblocks will offer DeFi Incentive Program. The reward for a single development team will be 1,000,000 - 5,000,000 SHINE.

Exchanges and Exchange Wallet Users

Few biggest addresses for some coins are initially airdrop locked by Shiner Ltd. These include many known Exchange addresses. These locked coins are released to exchanges if they will participate to SHINE Airdrop and distribute SHINE coins to real wallet users. Except Exchanges there might be few other types of organizations.  Claiming for them will be opened in exchange for mutual benefits like SHINE-listing.
Shineblock wallet range covers technical core wallet and mobile oriented user-friendly coin and token wallets.
Windows Core Wallet
Linux Core Wallet
macOS Core Wallet
Block Explorers
Block Explorers are web tools that are providing detailed information about Shine coin and Shine tokens blocks, addresses, and transactions.
Official ShineCoin Explorer
Whitepaper contains essential technical details about Shineblocks project, technical solutions, applications, roadmap and premined coin distribution shares.
White Paper
Technical Specifications
We have seen so many fancy roadmaps. Some teams just have been scheduling everything hot at the moment. Even if a team has good willing intentions things tend to be more complicated than people can image beforehand.

We don't want to list broken promises with timelines. We rather have vision what is needed. Tailoring roadmap is continuing process. The world around us is changing faster than ever before. Crypto world is evolving especially rapidly, so we will update our roadmap as understanding is refined.

For the beginning we divide our development and research issues into three categories. We don't list here obvious tasks like seeking for exchanges, partnerships or marketing, because that is a continuous process.

“Developing a world-class blockchain takes time, money, effort and supporters!”
Shine around spreading the good news to help our community to grow.
Essentials in Near Future
Striving to see results during next 1-4 months.
SHINEX IDO, Initial Dex Offering
Sunrise Block Explorer
All Core Wallets
Mainnet start
Technical Quick Reference
Medium-Term Development
Medimum-Term means about time frame for next 18 months.
Mobile and Web Wallets
White Paper
CustomTokens for Core Wallet
Long-Term Strategic Research
Long-Term planning is rather like ice box of ideas for next 1-3 years.
Interoperability Features
Atomic Swaps
Cross Chain Bridges
Common Purpose Use Cases
Tamper-Proof Data Certificates
Industry-Specific Use Cases
Health Care

Community and Participating

Shine Airdrop Patrons

Shine Airdrop Patrons are a highly esteemed and talented group of Patrons from other crypto communities supporting Shineblocks mission to create full featured cryptocurrency platform for Everyone, Everywhere. They are pioneers who have seen our vision. They want to share that vision with Shineblocks Airdrop cryptocurrency communities. Furthermore, they share the information on appropriate social media channels like Telegram, Twitter, Discord and Facebook. They will share also our message to theirs friends, but they are not random spamers as we are growing our community only by professional ways.

There will be selected one SAP (Shine Airdrop Patron) from every blockchain community which Shineblocks has forked to create genesis Sunrise network block. Every SAP will be rewarded by Shine masternode which they can hold as long as they will continue presenting SHINE. Just let us to know about You!


Do you have a passion for blockchain? Do you have a passion for spreading the power of blockchain to as many people as you can? Want to help us spread the SHINE and earn some rewards?


Each project needs community leaders. They are competent mentors, advisors, experts in their own comfort zone. They are eager to move ahead without waiting for someone else to do the job. They are passionate members of our community that support Shineblocks platform in various ways, such as promoting our ecosystem in social media channels, assisting users with questions and concerns and moderating dedicated channels. They are  key to the growth of our online and offline community. They are Shineblocks Ambassadors!


Whether you are a social butterfly, a product guru, a tech nerd, a language expert or just enjoy connecting with others online, we have a mission for you.  We are always happy to hear from you, let's connect and Shine together!


Blockchain Developers

Have you been developing core blockchain algorithms and solutions? Do you have top problem solving-skills? Are you expert on Smart Contract Development?

We believe blockchain is one of the most incredible innovations since the Internet. If you believe in Blockchain and Shineblocks as much as we do, why not join us and make the Sunrise even brighter.

Business Development

Do you have a passion for business development? Want to help us grow our project? We are looking for Business Development Managers to introduce new partnerships. If you feel that you could assist the team in this capacity then we need you. Shineblocks gives you one of the most powerful and versatile blockchain platform, so you will get awesome negotiation tools.

Exchanges and Enteprises

Mainnet will start with 10 genesis based validators, and it will scale up later depending on the network load and the number of masternodes. These first 10 validators are dedicated to known and respected Exchanges and other Blockchain organizations. If you are responsible for well-known crypto Exchange or other established blockchain organization, we are happy to hear about you and discuss under which kind of circumstances your organization could be Sunrise network validator.

For Everyone, Everywhere

Goldrush is Starting
See the Sunrise with Us
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Shiner Ltd is 2017 founded EU-based legal entity providing operational preconditions for Shineblocks community.
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